Specialised contact lenses for myopia management in children

Stoppen Sie die Kurzsichtigkeit bei Ihren Kindern!

Myopia management is the endeavour to slow down or stop the progression of short-sightedness (myopia). As myopia progresses, your child will need increasingly stronger glasses or contact lenses. The associated possible lengthening of the eyes is problematic. There is also a higher risk of developing serious eye diseases. Apart from this, unrecognised short-sightedness can also lead to learning difficulties and developmental disorders. Short-sightedness, which develops between the ages of 6 and 12, is often associated with lengthening of the eyes. As the lengthening of the eyes is completed by the age of 21, progressive short-sightedness in children should be prevented as early as possible.

By reducing the progression of short-sightedness, you prevent your child from needing:

  • thicker and thicker lenses
  • permanent dependence on visual aids
  • and, of course, the risk of eye diseases, which increases due to short-sightedness

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