Electronic magnifying glasses / magnifying glasses with read-aloud function

Electronic magnifiers are devices for enlarging and illuminating objects or texts that help people with visual impairments to see better. They are powered by rechargeable batteries or a mains adapter and have a built-in camera that records the image and magnifies it on a screen.

Electronic magnifiers often offer different magnification levels as well as contrast and brightness settings so that users can customise the image to their needs. They can be held manually in the hand or placed on a stand for hands-free use. Most electronic magnifiers are portable and easy to carry, making them ideal for use on the move or in various situations where magnification is required.

On selected models with an external output point, it is possible to connect a separate monitor or television, which results in an even larger image.

This type of magnifier is also available with a read-aloud function.
A camera housed in a hinged arm scans the text and then reads it aloud.

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