Screen readers

Screen readers are probably the best-known magnifying visual aids. A camera is used, for example, to display a printed text on the screen of the device. The magnification can be adjusted as required. The text is moved under the camera on a cross table so that the magnified view can be read on the screen. The most important feature of a screen reader is contrast enhancement, which can only be achieved with the help of electronics, but never by optics alone.

Wichtigsten Eigenschaften:

  1. Contrast can be improved by the appropriate choice of screen display

  2. Mostly large screen

  3. Ergonomic reading

  4. High magnification possible

  5. Less fatigue than with smaller screens

  6. Up to 70x magnification

Screen readers require a power connection and are generally not mobile due to their size.

This distinguishes this type of visual aid from the much smaller electronic magnifiers.

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