Telescope systems and monoculars

Telescope systems are required for both the distance and the close-up range. They are available in magnifications from 1.2x to 6x for distance. However, it should be noted that the field of view decreases with higher magnification.




Systems without clip-on lenses are intended for a distance, e.g. for watching television.

Systems with clip-on lenses are required for close-up vision, e.g. for reading.



Monoculars are among the special telescope systems.

They are used to maintain mobility (recognising bus numbers, street signs, timetables, shop windows, price tags, etc.), are very handy and can be used from infinity up to 25 cm.

Another practical advantage is the large field of view of 34°.

Certain models also use an AMD filter for even higher contrast vision.

SCHWEIZER Weitwinkel-Galilei-Systems

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