Determination of defective vision with i.Profiler® Plus at Lindemann Optik

Greater precision for better vision

The measurement method for determining defective vision, developed by Carl Zeiss Vision, is available to you at Lindemann Optik in Bochum.

No two eyes are the same: Each eye is as individual as a fingerprint with unique imaging properties.

To make them visible, our i.Profiler® Plus measuring device scans your entire eye down to 0.12 dioptres. This creates a highly individualised vision profile of your eyes.

Real requirements are taken into account and calculated, because life is not black and white and rigid, it is moving: with light changes, reflections, colours, changing contrast ratios, etc.


It offers a range of practical benefits, in particular precise objective refraction values and an extremely short measurement time. Newly developed, extremely precise manufacturing processes then convert these calculations into spectacle lenses with optimised correction.

The result is spectacle lenses for better visual performance with higher contrast, a more intense colour impression and, in particular, improved visual performance at twilight and at night.

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